10 years Young!

mobile balloon act - tour de farce

In 2016 The Balloonatic turned 10 years old – to mark this big round, balloon-like number I’ve developed Tour de Farce as a roaming act. Taking the absurd visual comedy of the stage act and turning into a fast-paced mobile driving act has been a great challenge. Leading up to […] Read more »

Exciting Developments with Let’s Circus

sketch design of The Magpie

This year my focus with The Balloonatic is changing direction. After spending so long creating a compact and stripped back ‘suitcase show’, where everything packs down to a few props in a bag, I’m no going completely in the other direction. After much contemplation, Let’s Circus – the company that […] Read more »

Winter Developments

Traditionally a time of migration, this Northern winter I’ll be sticking with the colder hemisphere and working on a broad spectrum of new developments. A large focus over the colder months is to be developing ‘The Games Exchange’ – a real time and online platform built to collate and share […] Read more »

What’s Happening now?

With the European summer now behind me, it’s now a chance to reflect upon the big year of 2013. Summer started with the great opportunity of learning and playing with Fraser Hooper as we worked together on developing some new material for The Balloonatic. Cheers Fraser – thanks for all […] Read more »

A Royal Performance

Your Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth. Although you did not get to watch my show today, when I climbed inside my balloon, I did it for you. When I pointed my toes as I danced across the stage, I did it for you. When I brought laughter to the hearts of […] Read more »