The Balloonatic is a journeyman – Travelling around the world, in a balloon.

His mission? To bring warmth, happiness and play whilst sharing the universal language of laughter. In 2007, entertainer Steve Cousins set himself on course to create a work of Street Theatre that could connect with everyone – comedy based on visual humour and not language. Since then his journey has straddled 17 countries on four continents, from some of the world’s biggest events to remote locations and tiny communities. On this journey he is a traveling celebration of silliness.

He has performed live to tens of thousands across the globe, and his escapades have been watched online by tens of millions. Whether programmed at an international festival or making an unscheduled appearance in a public setting, his presence draws attention and his performances set imaginations free.When not performing as ‘The Balloonatic’, Steve Cousins is director of a circus school in the United Kingdom, curator of entertainment programmes and the manager of a wide range of educational and charity projects for young people. Deep down, his is just a big playful idiot.

Beyond just light entertainment, The Balloonatic’s full show brings a message of simple joys and staying young.

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