Winter Developments

Traditionally a time of migration, this Northern winter I’ll be sticking with the colder hemisphere and working on a broad spectrum of new developments. A large focus over the colder months is to be developing ‘The Games Exchange’ – a real time and online platform built to collate and share games that are used in social circus, clowning, theatre and performance training. This resource will grow to become a free training kit available to performers and teachers across the world, thanks to funding from the European Union. More details announced soon.

The Balloonatic will see development of a Football Balloon routine, as well as a bunch of new skits to be added to street and stage-based shows.

Beyond the clown, I’ll be working on another magical fire installation with Compagnie Carabosse in Ireland (Nov/Dec), whilst mentoring and training the Five Ring Circus will keep me active and engaged. Seeing their skills develop is a constant source of inspiration and motivation.